Who is Ria

Ria Koreman was born in the Netherlands on March 17, 1968 - in Leiden - though nowadays she is living in Lelystad.

After Ria's father left his painting stuff to her, she went to work and discovered that he had thereby also left the passion for painting to her. As a child Ria has always drawn a lot, which is now a good basis for the realistic (sometimes figurative) style of her paintings.

Ria has gained a lot of experience in the years and followed lessons. In addition, various workshops were also carried out, among others by the painter Theo Onnes. Ria paints on commission and also sells paintings from his own studio.

From the proceeds a donation is made to charities such as KWF, Kika, Stichting Stofwisselkracht, Dierproefvrij and the foundation Het Vergeten Kind or to a foundation in consultation with the client. A good cause can also be someone who can use a helping hand. Why Ria does this? Very simple: Ria is happy to share and what's nicer now to be involved with your passion and share it!

This is how the company name SharePaint came into being!

Ria Koreman

When it was time to take the next step, Ria continued to give workshops from her own studio. At the beginning of 2016 she also started giving painting lessons. Both the workshops and the lessons are all about sharing creativity, cosiness, dreams and relaxation. But also: work hard!

Everyone can paint! "It always seems impossible until it is done." (Nelson Mandela)

You are welcome!

Participants wrote

Experiences of people who participated in a course are a good guide to get you over the line to turn your unexpected, creative energy into colorful, physical paintings that are not out of place in your own home environment.

The participants were happy to make their contribution. Read on and/or write yourself and let others know how you experience painting or have experienced it.

Did you know ...

In this section you will find facts or more information that can help you in determining choices you can make in practicing the fun and creative hobby that painting can be.


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Ria Koreman

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8212 EB  Lelystad
The Netherlands

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