SharePaint has also been set up as a small-scale, social initiative. Workshops and painting lessons with children are organized from various proceeds, for various target groups.

In the spring of 2016, for example, beautiful, colorful paintings were commissioned by rest home Vlaspand in Belgium with 37 children from the Plustijd project (after-school activities by the Studiecentrum).


Plustijd project 2017-2018 - themed In Motion (In Beweging)

For the third year in a row, almost all groups from the Plustijd project of Studiecentrum Lelystad come to paint at the SharePaint workshop.

This year the theme is In Motion. The subjects that are painted vary from movement in the sport, movement in the universe to movement in the water.

Plustijd (extended apprenticeship) has been set up for pupils from groups 5 up to and including 8 in primary education and offers children a greater chance of a successful school career. This gives them the opportunity to develop optimally, which in turn gives them good opportunities in the labor market. Plustijd is a project in which teachers with pupils in small groups work on language, arithmetic, reading comprehension and, above all, work together in a non-school way. For example, a Plustijdspel has been developed, where vocabulary and environment play an important role. They learn to collaborate creatively, are introduced to new words and immediately fit in with the product: a collaboration game. There are also guest speakers sometimes and the children go to host companies, so they come into contact with different professions and role models. Partly because of this they get more pleasure in learning and their motivation and self-confidence grows. This is important for the children to be able to make a good start in secondary education and to keep this up.

I am very proud of these children, they are all toppers! And I am grateful that I can contribute to this beautiful project and share my creativity with these young people in Lelystad!

The project runs until mid-march 2018 and can be followed via the SharePaint Facebook page.

Participants wrote

Experiences of people who participated in a course are a good guide to get you over the line to turn your unexpected, creative energy into colorful, physical paintings that are not out of place in your own home environment.

The participants were happy to make their contribution. Read on and/or write yourself and let others know how you experience painting or have experienced it.

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In this section you will find facts or more information that can help you in determining choices you can make in practicing the fun and creative hobby that painting can be.


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