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The painting lessons given at SharePaint consist of blocks of 10 lessons each of approximately 2.5 hours. They are suitable for both beginners as well as advanced participants. You can (re-)discover or further develop your talent.

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The lessons, in which we work with various materials, are instructive and also meant as creative relaxation and certainly also to be sociable:

Paint to Share!

During the lessons, attention is paid to each other's work. It is very instructive to view the results of all participants and feedback is given in a positive way. Also by the students themselves. Instructive and also exciting!

"You can not argue about tastes", nor about art.

Maybe you can not always be present. Then the strip card is a godsend. Once you have been prevented from attending your regular course, you can catch up with him - in consultation - at a different time.

The lessons run through separate lessons in the months of July and August. A new lesson block will start in September.

The maximum number of people per course is 6.

Look at the rates and/or sign up for the lessons on the contact page. After registering for the lessons, you will receive more information about the lesson plan, the required course material, the payment method, et cetera.

Participants wrote

Experiences of people who participated in a course are a good guide to get you over the line to turn your unexpected, creative energy into colorful, physical paintings that are not out of place in your own home environment.

The participants were happy to make their contribution. Read on and/or write yourself and let others know how you experience painting or have experienced it.

Did you know ...

In this section you will find facts or more information that can help you in determining choices you can make in practicing the fun and creative hobby that painting can be.


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